Page 26: Plants Army Revolver

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The Italian moniker Plants Army Revolver consist of Birgan Valentin and Marco Ragni. We remember buying their first record Diaspora a few years ago when it came out on Concrete Records and followed their subsequent release. Since then we haven’t heard a lot from them until Hypnus adept Feral met them and their beautiful analog set-up at […]

Page 20: A Sacred Geometry

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It has been almost exactly three years since the release of Chapter I by the esoterically titled duo A Sacred Geometry surfaced through their own self-titled label. Since then we’ve seen three more chapters hit the shelves and we’ve enjoyed the emotional timbre that is laced through all of them. Therefore it is a pleasure […]

Page 18: Wanderwelle

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Phil van Dulm and Alexander Bartels, musically known as Wanderwelle, produce electronic music that balances between the genres of ambient and experimental techno. Last year, their debut album ‘Lost in a Sea of Trees’ was released by the Canadian label Silent Season. The album’s main sources of inspiration were the rich Slavic folklore and the […]