Ever since the birth of consciousness there has been reverence of the unknown. We have always sought to understand what is behind the curtain of our perceptive limitations by means of emotional exploration, observance of nature and, perhaps most intriguingly, through ritualistic techniques of ecstasy.

With spontaneous experience and focus, we can enter a state – or world – that is something beyond what one can call ordinary reality. With nothing but our mind, meditation and a beat, we can travel between dimensions not explainable by the words of man. Instead we use mythical lore, occult doctrine, imagery, symbolism, archetypes, sounds, anything that jolts the mind into this wordless state of illumination and bliss.

It is for this purpose that the adepts of Hypnus has gathered; to create music and suggest sounds which a mind is welcome to wander with as deep into itself as its heart desire. Further we strive to develop and pioneer modern, emotional and authentic electronic music in harmony with nature in order to connect not only with our like-minded friends around the world, but also to the world itself.

Brought with love and light since 2013.