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The Italian moniker Plants Army Revolver consist of Birgan Valentin and Marco Ragni. We remember buying their first record Diaspora a few years ago when it came out on Concrete Records and followed their subsequent release. Since then we haven’t heard a lot from them until Hypnus adept Feral met them and their beautiful analog set-up at a gig recently. We immediately invited them to write a page in our Memoir, and here it is:

Where and how did you guys meet?
We met in 2013 in Rome, while we were attending an electronic music course at Fonderie Sonore. We immediately connected and we promised each other to meet again in the studio for a jam session between us. For a number of reasons, this meeting only happened during the following year. During winter 2014, eventually we managed to get together and lock ourselves inside a studio in Foligno. This was when Plants Army Revolver was born. A few months later, our first record called Diaspora was released on Concrete Records.

What were your earliest sources of inspiration in electronic music?
Marco: My very first experiences in the world of electronic music were ineluctably linked to my youth trips to Rome. It is when I had the chance and the luck of discovering Donato Dozzy, one of my main sources of inspiration. Another reality that still keeps inspiring me is Dancity Festival.
Birgan: To be honest I don’t really have a precise source of inspiration. Since when I was a child I have always been attracted by these sounds, and I have always been dreaming about being able, one day, of playing with those sonorities just the way I wanted to.

Do you listen anything to non-electronic music?
Our research and our production is undoubtedly contaminated by music that can vary from ethnic music to jazz or ambient.

The memoir you have recorded for us is a bit special. Can you tell us more about it?
When your invitation arrived we felt truly happy, so we thought about recording something special that could make you understand how important your request has been for us. This is a live set we recorded exclusively for the occasion.

When did you start delving into the world of modular synthesis?
In 2014 we begun to delve into the study of eurorack modular systems. Something that needs saying is that this has been a great luck for us, as we had the chance to better express our concept of sound.

If you could pick only 5 modules to make music with for the rest of your life. Which would you choose and why?

  • Sapèl (Frap Tools): This tool allows us to modulate sound in a random but manageable way.
  • Complex Oscillator (Verbos Electronics): This tool has a timber that we particularly like.
  • Clouds (Mutable instruments): We are big fans of granular synthesis and this module allows us to make it with eurorack.
  • Ornament & Crime: This module allows us to use multiple functions: it is from where all our sounds begin.
  • Optomix (Make Noise): Our favorite Low Pass Gate.

Do you have your eyes on any particular gear that you’re hoping/planning to add to your studio in the near future?

If you could add any piece of hardware to your studio, what would it be?
Eventide H8000FW

What are your hopes for the future? Do you have something specific that you’d like to do, experience or create?
Our greatest goal and hope is that of spreading our music around as many places as possible. The very fact of being here and talking about our experiences with you it’s already a big satisfaction for us. In the near future we would love to venture into the making of movie soundtracks and video games sound-designs.. a great challenge! 

Do you have any releases scheduled?
You will find out very soon..but what we can say for now is that we are working on another project with our friend Feral, and we will soon organize together a live set with analogical machines.

Lastly, which is your favorite…
… effects plugin
(s, software only): We use a few VST in our productions but we mainly use Max For Live.
… instrument (hard- or software, not your modular ;)): Without any doubt our Roland TR-808, undisputed queen of our productions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the chat and sonic contribution from Plants Army Revolver. If you did, here’s some more:

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