About us

Ever since the birth of consciousness there has been reverence of the unknown. We have always sought to understand what hides behind the curtain of our perceptive limitations by means of emotional exploration, observance of nature and ritualistic techniques of ecstasy.

Using nothing but our minds and a beat, we may enter a state that lies beyond our ordinary reality as we slither between inner dimensions not explainable by the words of man. Instead we’ve been communicating our experiences through mythical lore, esoteric doctrine and symbolism which jolts us into this wordless state of illumination.

Today, in the era of modern sound design, we’re able to shape sounds in ways not previously conceivable in the history of our consciousness. This is why the adepts of Hypnus has gathered; to evoke sonic landscapes that utilize our wonderful imaginary ability and to equip the receiver with a lush bouquet of perceptive assets. With this we hope to aid the pursuit of stretching our conscious limits while connecting us all to each other and nature in the process.


Founded in the suburbs of Stockholm in 2013, Hypnus Records was rapidly recognized as a key imprint in the underground techno scene. After debuting artists such as Luigi Tozzi, Korridor and BLNDR, the record label ended their first year by inviting prominent producers such as Mike Parker, Cio D’Or, Cassegrain and Orphx to interpret their music on the massive remix album Zodiac.

Today, half a decade later, the Hypnus has evolved into one of the leading pioneers of modern deep techno with over 40 vinyl releases up their sleeve. Recent years has seen more acknowledged producers contributing to the label such as Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue), Evigt Mörker and Claudio PRC as well as introducing rising talents Feral, Skymn, Birds ov Paradise and Primal Code to the label’s tightly knit roster.

The sound of Hypnus can be described as deep and adventurous atmospheric techno, utilizing electronic music as an expressive medium to create escapist experiences with an authentic sound. The label’s discography ranges from hypnotic deep techno to floating ambient excursions, with plenty of nuances to be found in between. Every record is curated with a meticulous passion for detail and some take multiple years to complete.

Driven by curiosity and a devotion to explore the boundaries of modern electronic music, Hypnus strives to innovate constantly while spreading positive vibes along the way.

Brought with love and light since 2013.


Read more about the foundation and ideas behind the label in this extensive interview with Orb Mag: https://www.orbmag.com/features/label-showcase-hypnus-records

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